In cooperation with TEXON CORPORATION and the most famous world producers of additives, oils and chemical fluids, TEXON REFINERY produces all types of motor and industrial oils of the latest generation, with provided recommendations for their use by the renowned European manufacturers of vehicles, hydraulics, reducers and other equipment for modern industrial systems. Our technical service provides detailed information on the storage, handling and use of all our products, controls changes of working properties of the oil during use and determines the terms of timely changing.



TEXON Refinery Serbia produces oils and lubricants by the technology of TEXON OIL CORPORATION USA.


We provide basic raw materials, base oils and additive in accordance with the highest manufacturing standard. Quality control is done in our own laboratory and independent accredited laboratories.  


TEXOL and TEXOL logo are trademarks of TEXOL OIL and TEXON Refinery, used under license. The production process corresponds to the US and EU environmental standards, through a constant development, and the new technologies implementation.